An Insight Into the Present Day State of Iraq Real Estate

Iraq is not safe, but is certainly safer than before. So people that once had their house in Iraq are now returning to their country. They want to live there again and will pay for it. There are actually people that have paid for the house that was once their own and nonetheless paid more than they should have. Houses have bullets in the walls and their general condition shows they have suffered a disaster. However, as things are looking better now, they wish to return there. And so the Iraq real estate is one business that is going pretty well. In neighbourhoods that are considered safe, houses are selling very fast. Apart from the reasons stated above, there is also another reason Iraq real estate is doing well. This has to do with the fact that people are not really interested in getting the best house available. What they are looking for is a house in a safe place. Not having a veranda or a fireplace is not actually their concern. What they want is to eliminate the fear of getting killed or kidnapped. As you can imagine, houses that are in a very bad condition may actually be sold very fast and in a price higher than they should have.

Indeed houses have many problems but Iraq real estate business doesn’t seem to care. People come back to see their houses ruined, but pay a lot of money to move back. The overall conditions are intolerable; the houses are ruined, most of the times they have leeks, no water or heat and evident signs from the disaster. However the Iraq real estate industry is having profits. Agents are making money from selling these houses regardless of their bad condition. Getting rich is not welcomed in Iraq. Many agents are killed. Indeed to be a real estate agent in Iraq requires a bright mind. Big houses are sold to two or three families that live together. Agents do that for two reasons. First because large homes cost more and they might not be able to sell them and second because there are actually not enough houses as there is no development yet. People on the other hand agree to this deal because they want to come back and live there, they can share the costs with another family and they prefer to have a home in a safe place even if this means sharing it with someone else.